Birdsville Races – Make The Trip

Do the Birdsville Races trip with Outback Odyssey - The trip of a lifetime! ....Call 0412 400 323 ..... The Birdsville Races adventure commences on Monday the 1st of September at Mooloolaba on Queensland spectacular Sunshine Coast, and returns on Tuesday the 9th 0f September after a 9 day Outback Odyssey. This is an opportunity not to miss, particularly if you are visiting Australia on … [Read more...]

Normanton home of the “Savannah King” Krys the largest Crocodile ever shot.

  The “Savannah King” a massive salt water crocodile was shot on the McArthur bank of the Norman River in 1957 by Australia’s legendary crocodile hunter, a petite polish born woman, Krys Pawlowski. Outback folklore remembers her as “One Shot Krys” the north Queensland hunter and taxidermist who shot 5,000 crocodiles and missed only three. Krys later turned to conservation and regretted … [Read more...]

Karumba “The outback by the sea” in the Gulf Country.

Karumba Point beach is a perfect location to watch a famous Karumba sunset, marvel at the beauty of nature as she creates a brilliant red sky over a blue sea, the golden sun sinks like a yellow egg yolk, dropping beneath the surface of the sea, followed by an afterglow and a light blue and pink sky, a sense of calmness prevails and the birds settle for the night, the sand crabs scurry in the sand … [Read more...]

Mataranka and Elsey National Park

Mataranka Materalises Like An Oasis In The Desert On the almost 1,500 kilometre haul from Alice Springs to Darwin—18 hours minimum drive time, not accounting for rest stops—there are only a handful of towns and attractions to keep travellers enthused. There’s the majestic Devil’s Marbles National Park with its giant boulders and the nearby town of Tennant Creek with its man-made watering … [Read more...]

Litchfield National Park, Northern Territory

Just an hour and a half (85km south via sealed road) from Darwin you’ll find Litchfield National Park, a natural playground of rugged sandstone escarpments, enormous magnetic termite mounds, monsoon rainforest, majestic waterfalls, cascading plunge pools, and historic ruins. Aboriginal people have lived in and around the Litchfield area for thousands of years and it is of particular importance to … [Read more...]